Graphics, Game Dev, Emulators, and other geeky stuff


I’ve got a lot of projects I’m playing with right now and to help keep myself motivated I’m going to start blogging about them. This will hopefully be a mix of things I do at work (primarily graphics related) as well as some fun personal projects.

The shortlist of projects I’m going to focus on:

  • WebGL Inspector
  • WebGL graphics/GPGPU demos
  • OpenGL ES 2 graphics/GPGPU demos (focusing on iOS/etc)
  • Xbox 360 emulation

There’s a theme here: high-performance bleeding-edge gaming/graphics tech. There’s really nothing sexier!

I recently switched jobs from Microsoft Live Labs to Google, where I am focusing on graphics and other GPU-related topics. I’m going to try to set my 20% project as blogging/building demos/samples/etc. Hopefully it’ll mean a bunch of cool posts here!

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